Founded in 2015 RM Social Media provides movies, celebrities, non-profit organizations and companies with full service social media services. We are experts in social media ads, growth, engagement, fundraising and in building relationships with celebrities.


Meet The Team:


Ryan Moore, Founder & CEO

Ryan is the Founder & CEO of RM Social Media. He has been a social media and social media fundraising professional since 2010. Ryan has led the social media for a feature film and for numerous non-profits and businesses. Ryan is also currently Vice President of Social Media & Social Media Fundraising for Beagle Freedom Project. Ryan lives in San Francisco with his rescued dogs, cats and bunnies :)

Sonny Boyman, Social Media Manager

Sonny is a Social Media Manager with RM Social Media. She studied at Clark College before becoming a social media professional in 2016. Sonny is passionate about social media and fundraising to help non-profits succeed with their mission. She is a huge animal lover and she lives in Vancouver Washington with her cat Suki =)


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